Sally Haynes Personal Trainer at Ultimate Physiques Gym Castleford

You don’t have to be GREAT to START but you have to START to be GREAT!

Personal Trainer

No matter whether you’re a beginner just starting out or a seasoned athlete I can help!

But what makes me different?… Well, training with me is all about you! Together we will set goals and targets and through a progressive tailored programme we will smash those goals and onwards. The greatest pleasure I take from my job is knowing my clients not only achieved the success they were looking for, but that they have the knowledge and motivation to make it a life-long change.

So about me, I’m a busy mum and have 4 wonderful children, I have always been passionate about keeping myself fit and healthy, yet despite 30 years experience in netball, hockey and fitness training, I have had personal struggles managing my weight particularly after pregnancy and just finding time for me has sometimes felt impossible. More recently as I got older I had to find ways to adapt my training which led me to strength training and body-building. I have competed and placed in Miami Pro Bikini Classes and more recently competed in NABBA Athletic and Toned Figure Classes. I love fitness and pushing boundaries and I truly believe that feeling fit and healthy brings happiness to your life, my aim is to help people fall in love with that feeling too!



Weight loss/management
Strength and Conditioning Training
Exercise with controlled medical conditions


Personal Trainer
Exercise Referral Instuctor (GP)
Kettlebell Instuctor

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