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KAY GOODWINPersonal Trainer:

Contact Ultimate Physiques for further information and to gain an excellent opportunity to train with Miss Britain. Call 01977 512290. Or Kay direct on: 07887 655 382

Having the opportunity to PT at an award winning gym in Ultimate Physiques is an awesome opportunity for me and you, lets do this guys.

My name is Kay Goodwin, I am married and a mother to our 19yr old son, competitive body builder for NABBA in which I have competed for the last 5 years.

In this time I have achieved and exceeded my dreams in Miss Toned Figure winning the titles of Miss North East 2013, Miss England, Britain and Universe Finalist top 6 and Miss World Runner up.

I am a friendly, fun, motivating and passionate person who loves fitness/body building and helping to inspire and provide the boost and support to everyone i can in life and through fitness and educating ourselves to have fun and improve ourselves at the same time.

We all have dynamic qualities and with dedication, we can all work hard and dream big, we can achieve anything we set our hearts and mind on.

I now compete in Miss Trained Figure where I achieved the titles of Miss North East 2014 and my biggest title to date Miss Britain. I then flew to Ireland competing in the World Championships, placing 4th!!!!

I have just returned from Malta where i represented the UK in Miss Trained Figure placing 5th in the world!!!

I made the dramatic move from Toned Figure to Trained Figure within 6 months due to the focus, hard work and dedication to continually push myself and to achieve my goals.

I love having the opportunity to help others achieve their goals and to be able to inspire people is a fabulous feeling. We can all achieve our dreams and be a better person in soul, body and mind through fitness and have a feel good factor within ourselves. we deserve it!!!!!

Achievements and titles from 2013

May 2013 NABBA Miss North East toned figure: 1st place

NABBA Miss Yorkshire toned figure: 2nd place

NABBA Miss Britain toned figure: 7th place Jun 2013 NABBA Miss World toned figure: 2nd place Sept 2013 NABBA Miss England toned figure: 1st place Oct 2013 NABBA Miss Universe toned figure: 8th place

NABBA Miss UK toned figure: 3rd place May 2014 NABBA Miss North East trained figure: 1st place

NABBA Miss Britain trained figure: 1st place

Oct 2014   NABBA Miss Universe placed 4th

June 2015 NABBA Miss World placed 5th

I am currently off season for the remainder of 2015 and will be competing in 2016 :)

love training, love food, love yourself :) :)